Friday, November 20, 2009

Porchof Craftsmanship

Demonstrating a festooned collection, displays an astounding stroke of beaded jewelry like bracelets, and a gleaming collection of bags,cuffs and artwork.It is essentially the product of the insight drawn from the whereabouts and annotations of Inna Roizin. If you are looking for a unique gift for your beloved one, this is the right place; a gift certificate can be given to purchase this fabulous line of beaded bracelets, bags, cuffs, belts and artwork as a precious gift. Mutually wholesalers and retailer both can buy and benefit from Besides, individuals can also garner the benefit of buying here. If more than one item is ordered then these are considered as special orders and bonus can be accrued with a 10% discount on it. presents a astounding range of theses accessories with a choice given to the buyers for the linings and awesome crystal studded buckles. These are artistically created to match and bring out the positives in the personalities and passions related to a person.

These accessories are handmade and original. It looks lovely and contains endless potentials designed and tailored with colors and combinations that suit the individual’s taste and preferences. Inna Roizin replicates her innermost emotions by choosing a trend that has a sensation of perpetuity, and expresses her inspiration. These inspirations are drawn from the most alluring and beautiful cities in the world, her travel logs, waters, architecture and beautiful veneer. The accessory line at is beautifully handcrafted and reflects the gifts of Nature. Thus offering, an exotic range of lining that can be worn on a wedding or a night time party.

Manifestation Of Nature

The Design is made with multi semi-precious, crystals, ceramic and metal beads acquiring with myriad colors to project the treasures of the earth. The inner secrets of the heart can be seen from the awesome collection. Inna Roizin presents her artistic touch, swaddled with spellbinding hues to reflect the values of the earth. creates your own personalized accessory that ponders the desires of the heart and the personality, thus taking you on a creative journey. Just put a mail with your favorite stone and select a color of your choice and any preferred lining to their stunning website: for special orders. furnishes you with accessories that suit any occasion. Let it be a graduation party, a wedding or just a night out.

Inna Roizin has inculcated her inclination for the mysterious combination of stones and her taste for exquisite silhouettes. renders you the success of enhancement and a statement of quality and individuality. The accessories have been designed with the magic of a Swarovski buckle, amethyst, green agate, jade rose quartz, bead rose quartz, natural dyed jade, gold crystal, fresh coral, white jade ,crystal, black onyx, hematite metal, fresh water pearls, moonstone, and a host of flawless stones with dazzling combinations from exclusive places around the globe. exhibits the fact that your taste speaks highly of you with the delicate shades of life being colored by the taste, texture and tone of the pattern of a classic trend.